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Design ~ the master of craftsmanship

This simple phrase defines the philosophy of my approach to longrifle building. In the beginning of my endeavors to assemble parts of a riflegun in a pleasing manner I had the influence of the historical artist David Wright along with master longrifle makers Ron Ehlert and Steve Davis. These three men held me to a most strict standard and the outcome of that training was an understanding that the architectural design was paramount. Studying original guns from the 18th century has been an education on the mastery of proportion in the industry of practical tool manufacture. The mysteries of form and function are culminated, in the discipline of longrifle stocking in a way of no other I know. So bound to these parameters I have found no constraint in creative opportunities. But rather that a lifetime is too short to fully express my continuing inspiration.

Photographs of my recent rifles can be viewed in the Gallery section of this page. Rifles for sale at this time will also be displayed in the Gallery.

Ric Lambert ~ Longrifle Stocker

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